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sp_rpg's Journal

The City on the Edge of Forever (... sort of)
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This community is dedicated to an RPG started by kaze_tsukai and associates.

Plot: well, there isn't really much about the plot thats important besides that the kids would be around 15 to possibly 18 in that area, basically teenage years. Other then that, the plot is up to you until we can actually think of one that is actually good ^^

Rules: not many rules either, only that you

1) have to stay in character as much as possible. We aren't going to ban you or anything for a little OOC'ness, but if you blatantly making them WAY OOC like making Cartman SUPER nice (without a reason or explanation) we'll have to talk about it.

2) you don't have to be active, well, somewhat, but I have a friend who doesn't possess a computer and can only update when she comes over to my house, so i can understand if you don't post much. But please don't join and not post ANYTHING! If you have problems such as this, please say this when you send in an application of sorts. The code word for this RPG is 'blue suede shoes' (don't ask o.o it's something to tell me you've read the rules ^^)

3) we haven't quite decided if there is slash included, but knowing my friends there will be o.o but you don't have to participate if you don't want to.
NOTE: Erm, this RPG has become rather slashy... - Damien OOC

4) just have fun!!!

Taken characters:

Stan / stanley_m : mod
Kenny / kenny_m : mod
Kyle / kyle_b_ : mod
Cartman / cartman_e
Pip / pip_charah
Tweek / twitchy_gah_
Damien / broken_crucifix

available characters: everyone who isn't taken from the above list

How do you sign up?: to sign up, you should either or email me at devil_yami911@hotmail.com', or leave a post in this community with the below information;

Who you want to be:
Why you want to be this person:
Code word:
RPG sample:
and Problems:
(this is just if you have problems that you can't get online all the time and so on or your connection sucks)

There is also a B O A R D ! ! for the RPG if you're interested!