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Kyle, here's your avatar(s)!

I wasn't sure if you wanted a cute avatar, or a dramatic avatar- so I made one of each for extra measure! ^___^

I made an extra Pip one just because he seemed so happy about the first one. And, um, I was bored.

All of them are gifs with transparency... I hope they don't clash with your journal's color schemes! >__<

- Cephied
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-gasps and glomps- I LOVE YOU!!!! Those are SOOOOOO cool!!!! I love you.... wait, I already said that x.x' BUT STILL!!! They're great, thank you thank you!!! I'll use both!
oh yea, The stan in this RPG thing is on my bed and said he'd like a decent avatar to XD he's just to lazy and tired to get up and come over here and log on and type it himself -.-' make me do all his dirty work....
Whee, okay. I'll make a Stan avatar as soon as I'm no longer lazy and decide it's worth it to open Adobe (my computer, um, sucks x a million and it takes me very literally five mintues to open Photoshop. I've timed it. o.O;;).

I'm glad everyone's enjoying my avatars so much. ^___^;; I like making them for people because I make too many to do anything with anyways, so as long as someone's using them, right??
yea ^^ and adobe takes around 2 or 3 minutes to op[n on my computer x.x' it likes tot ake a long time to open ^^'
P...Pip is!! O.O
WAAAAAH *glomps, huggles* Domou! Thank you so very much! These are AWESOME!
^___^ Glad you like them. It really is difficult to find sexy Pip... I was scanning all the Japanese South Park sites I could find and, really, most of the time he looks like a Raggedy Ann doll. o.O;; But he's so adorable!

*grins* Raggedy Ann doll..*feels sorry for pip*
Lol ^^ But thank you so very much, ^^ *ish like..uber happy...and hyper as well O.o*
...Kenny wants an avatar... -big puppy eye- PWEASE!!!!!!!!
^___^;; Of course. Kenny fanart is abundant. o.O;;

... and most often really, *really* gory... fanart? please? Not so much gory? Please? I have enough of that.... -.-'''