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OOC: Just checking to see if everything is running as smoothly as I hoped it would.

This is my first time making a community. ^___^;; Hope this is useful for everyone!
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Once again, testing. The comment-changing overrides have been known to be wildly uncooperative. >__
it was me, kyle, and Stan. We created it, and there you go. ^.^
Yey, awesome. Modship will come swiftly as you guys sign up. ^___^
already there....
Is it okay if I keep my account with maintainer-level access? The community is on my account, so I'm not sure what would happen if I took away that access level. o.O;;

I'll just do all the technical/layout upating. I have no interest in moderating, since it is your guy's RPG. ^___^ Whee, I'll be, like, tech support or something. -.-;;
s'all good... we'll need all that techie support.... thanks!!! ^.^